About Us


After every show the Panto group goes quiet, everyone disappears but what are we doing? No, we’re not sitting with our feet up although there is just a little bit of that following the hectic weeks of rehearsals and excitement of the show. The committee still meets every month to discuss the next event and to decide on the next script. The groups members are also asked to look at scripts and let us know what they fancy for the next show.

There are hundreds of choices for scripts. The committee spends its evenings reading about brave heroes, evil villains, innocent maidens and talking animals. The scenery and costumes all have to be thought about to determine their feasibility as these play an important role in any show. Although there’s always script read through sessions to determine who takes which part in the show before all that can take place we need to make sure there are enough members to make the story work. For example, male and female acting parts, female and male singers, dancers, dame choices, chorus and animal costume parts, let’s face it how many people want to be dressed as a cow for 4 hours a night for a week? If we can’t find the right person for the right part it could be a disaster from the beginning. 

And while all that’s going on there’s the next event to think about. It’s a fete next. Hire the space, decide on stalls, do we have enough bric a brac? Do we have enough good prizes for the tombola. Who’s organising the stall holders? There’s always refreshments of some kind, what shall we have, where will it come from? Who’s got the gazebo? Who will make the sandwiches? And the ducks, are the ducks ready? Is Bourton ready, have we advertised? 

You see it doesn’t really stop, the work goes on in the background. The Panto group is run by a dedicated band of volunteers, we’re always happy to welcome helpers even if it’s delivering leaflets while you’re walking the dog. If you would like to get involved we always welcome new people and new ideas so if you’re interested drop us a message. You can contact us via our page on Facebook or our contact details are on the Contact section of this website.  

Bourton Panto Group produced their first show in 1981 and have continued to entertain locals and tourists alike every year thereafter. The group are made up of residents from Bourton and surrounding villages ranging in age from 10 years old to over 80 years (going on 16!). Both the costumes and scenery are made by group members and their friends.

If you want to become part of this group, why not come along to Victoria Hall where we rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7.30pm. Details of our rehearsal schedules will be published on this site